Between the Lines.

The Urban Renewal Center Blog.


URC at the St. Paul’s Q&A.

Challenges and promise facing community redevelopment.


April 10th 2019


Chicago Demolishes Its Public Housing

And where the residents move to is far from better.


Gentrification Is An Emergency, Sometimes.

Where gentrification is hitting hard, and where it isn’t.

Marietta Demolishes Its Public Housing

Is it gentrification if nobody cares?


Trash Picking for A Living

In San Francisco, making money from your billionaire-neighbor’s trash.


From the URC Library: What do you do with 5 billion gallons of waste?

A waste treatment plant so big, it has its own weather.


April 2nd 2019


St. Paul’s Area Restoration.

Lewis Webb weighs in on the community challenges facing Norfolk.


Indigenous Life On the US-Mexico border.

An increasingly difficult life for people here long before there was a US, Mexico, or border.

The Dark Side of Sand.

A precious part of the environment we encounter everyday, traded just like oil, with the same disastrous consequences.


No Longer the World’s Waste Basket.

After China stopped importing the world’s waste, global recycling has stalled. Recycling companies in the United States scramble.


From the URC Library: A History of America’s Favorite Bad Habit

How America shaped the doughnut. And more importantly, how the doughnut shaped America.




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