What Are Urban Societies?

Urban societies are metropolises characterized by modern industrial civilization with information technology as central mechanism for business, mobilization and communication. Cities are becoming more densely populated and comprised of an eclectic mixture of styles and social influences. Contemporary American urban societies include economically both the advantaged and disadvantaged. They are also heterogeneous in cultural tradition. Life in the cities focuses more on individuals than the integrated whole.  

While in Norfolk and other areas many African Americans have historically occupied the so-called inner-city, increasingly American urban revitalization supports a future of an increased urban population. The language of "urban" will no longer merely be codified language for a particular minority ethnic group, i.e., African Americans or Hispanics.

Furthermore, urban societies are religiously diverse with an overarching secular set of values. They are often characterized by longstanding religious structures, storefront churches, mosques, and other religious and spiritual gathering spaces. Attendance at religious services are lower in the city than in past generations. However, research shows an uptick in claims on spiritual awareness.