A Better Community Begins with You!



Only have a few hours a week to spare? Only have a few months to spare? Have lots of time to get involved? 

The Urban Renewal Center invites you to get involved. We have a wide range of volunteer opportunities for you to invest your time and talents to support the vision!

Graphic Designer: The graphic designer will design graphics for use in media products such as online, weekly newsletters, magazines, social media graphics, etc. We need someone who is creative and is able to use Canva.com, Adobe Photoshop, and/ or other design software. (approximately 6 hours a week)

Join the event support team: The event support team will be a group of volunteers who have the time to offer help in setting up for meetings and special events, greeting guests at events, managing sign-up lists, passing out materials at events, collecting information from guests and responsible for reporting materials to the URC Dean's office. (an average of 2 events per month)

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Join the event audio/visual team: The event audio/visual team will help with audio, lighting, and video needs for special events. Because the URC is building a podcast and an online television program, the audio/visual team will coordinate recordings to submit to the podcast and video producers. This team will include onsite audio/visual help but also this team will include someone to be responsible for submitting files for the podcast and video final production. 

We need: videographers, audio technology personnel, powerpoint support, and pre-production editors. (approximately 1 event every other month)

Become a blogger: Do you enjoy writing about social justice issues? We are building a team of bloggers to submit entries to include on our website and in our weekly newsletter that will go out to more than 4,000 people in our database. (blog as little or as often as you are available)

Assistant Video Editor: We are looking for someone who can operate Final Cut Pro X. The Assistant Video Editor would provide final edits, and assign the graphics to video for the online TV Show on truli.com. (5 hours a week)

Clergy Patrol: If you are a pastor or minister with a church or ministry efforts in the City of Norfolk, VA, consider joining the Clergy Patrol Squad at the Norfolk Police Department. Clergy Patrols are assigned on a rotation for a ride-along with the Norfolk Police on Fridays and Saturdays 8pm–12midnight. The Clergy Patrols provide support for the Police and the Community. Clergy Patrols are not exposed to active violence. They arrive on the scene after a situation for community support.