Police Chief, Larry Boone said the ride-along initiative with the clergy community is a win for all. “This is a partnership with great reach. No other professions are able to touch as many lives on a daily, or weekly basis as partners of peace and safety.”

Clergy much like the police are charged to serve residents on a multitude of levels, and are considered stewards, watchmen, teachers and or messengers willing to intercede for anyone in need. To this end, the Norfolk Police Department has launched a partnership with area religious leaders to form an initiative called "Clergy Patrol." 

The goal of this initiative is to strengthen the collaborative reach of police and faith based communities to deter crime. Police and Clergy work in tandem to affect safer communities through active engagement with area residents.

Clergy from various religious traditions and from across Norfolk accompany officers each weekend in each of the 3 patrol divisions.

Clergy respond with officers to residents during community unrest or in the wake of violent crimes for critical response, to assist police for information, messaging/canvassing, and or provide calm. 

Clergy partner with the NPD for the following:

•Annual Police Memorial Ceremony

•Annual Employee Awards Ceremony

•Annual Community and Cops Cookout

•Recruit Graduation Ceremony

Got a ministry in Norfolk? Join the Clergy Patrol. Click Here to ask for more information.