The Lead Like King Gala and Awards



About the Lead Like King Gala

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the Urban Renewal Center (URC) hosts an annual Lead Like King Gala (LLK) on the weekend of MLK Day. The 2018 semi-formal dinner and awards ceremony was held at the First Presbyterian Church of Norfolk.

The Lead Like King Gala commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy of promoting unity in the community. King’s focus on social justice and racial harmony captures the vision for the Urban Renewal Center “to awaken society to its promised wholeness.”

LLK consists of a Soul Food dinner, live entertainment including songs from the Civil Rights Movement, Soul Music, and an awards ceremony.

About the Lead Like King Awards

The Urban Renewal Center recognizes transformational community leaders who embody the following criteria that reflect Dr. King’s leadership characteristics:

1.     Leading in progressive ways to advocate for racial and ethnic harmony.

2.     Commitment to their cause for unity.

3.     Willingness to disrupt status quo as essential element for change.

4.     Effective communication of their vision.

5.     Encourager of creative tension.