IMPACT Summer Camp

Children are the future leaders in every sector of our world, i.e., community, business, education, faith, and more. A wise investment in children’s lives and development is a wise contribution into the leadership of tomorrow. Some states project the number of prison cells that they need to build over the next twenty years based on literacy rates in the third grade.

Additionally, there is a connection between child poverty and child development. It is, moreover, crucial to help children as much as one can and intervene when necessary for their well being and for posterity’s sake.

The IMPACT Summer Camp provides three weeks of summer programing to help strengthen children’s educational performance, enrich their awareness of community, educational, and global opportunities, and to empower them to dream of a positive future; they need to see themselves as the next generation leaders in the church, the community, and in the world.

We partner with local government entities, colleges, public servants and universities to provide a cutting edge opportunity for elementary and middle school children. The purpose of this initiative is to create opportunities for young people, exposing them to higher education, public service, and other career options as future leaders. We build bridges from school to success with a focus on young and talented children.